A Little Bit of History...

It’s a day that brings girlfriends together, gives moms a day of rest and introduces the new girl in town to all things available to her in her own backyard.  Simply put, Stilettos & Sneakers is a day of fun for women of all ages!

The idea came to mind in early 2009 and for 7 years the event was a huge success.  A change in careers prompted a year off, but we are so excited to bring the show back this fall.  

The day features vendors, displays and activities for women. We welcome any business or organization that offers something for the ladies in our community to be a part of the show! Bigger is definitely better…a one stop-shop for all things women related.

Of course, we can’t have a show without a little bit of swag! Whether it’s the goodie bag at the door, a fabulous (and often diamond) door prize or the purse auction, we want to make sure our attendees are surrounded by all the things they love (even if for only a couple of hours)!

Plus, every show that we do gives back to our community. Proceeds from our Purse Auction are always donated to the Ontario Breast Screening Program at Southlake Regional Health Centre. (Check out photos under the “Events Page”).   I feel very fortunate to have a state of the art cancer facility in our own backyard and fully understand the importance of early detection. To date, Stilettos & Sneakers has raised close to $8000 for this program…

One last thing…you want to know about the name, don’t you? Well, it just made sense. Sometimes you feel like a Stiletto, stylish and young, ready to conquer the world.  And then there are other days…when the only things that will do are a comfy pair of yoga pants and some well worn sneakers. This show is for everyone…come in your designer clothes, with spit-up on your shirt or while suffering from hot flashes. Bring your girlfriends, have a mother-daughter day or walk around in solitude (with a smile on your face). Whatever…just come. Make this the day you do something just for you, and enjoy!

Still need more information? Take a look around this site! It’s filled with lots of information about the event (past and future)! If you can’t find it, head over to our “contact us” page. I would love to hear your thoughts on Stilettos & Sneakers!!!!